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Originally Posted by Kubica View Post
True. But it causes more pain to the person who wronged you to kill the person's kid and that's obviously what he's going for.

I just hope he takes out his old boss and the cops who shot innocent people before they get him. The Rodney king cops too. If he kills their whole family so be it. These cops should think twice before kicking a schizophrenic in the head and shooting people completely unrelated to the events. If you kick someone in the face or shoot them, don't be surprised if they murder your whole family. It's not up to you to decide how pissed off someone gets when you do something awful to them. You have to deal with the consequences, just like they had to deal with the consequences of your actions.
I don't think violence is the answer in this situation. At the end of all of this, how will this guy benefit? He won't get his name back. He won't be seen as a hero. He'll be seen as a crazy guy lol.

If he really wanted to do some damage, he should have written a book, gone to the talk shows, news outlets, etc... Ultimately, that would have generated a longer lasting message.

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