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Originally Posted by 00stephen View Post
So when you impulsively dismiss that, badfast, are you suggesting that what has been published at wikileaks and other other websites is not something Dorner wrote? {Hands your aluminum falcon back, for you to wear.}

I agree with evolved that crazy knows no boundaries (see above)... But don't the sane people in editorial and managerial positions of media outlets have an ethical commitment to publish the whole truth when it comes to reporting?

edit: AoG is spot-on with the concern I attempted to express.
I am not dismissing anything he wrote. Just trying to spin this into a finger pointing contest is silly. What are you getting at by describing him as a lefty? Are you looking at one event and trying to scream that people you label as "the left" are nutty gun loving nuts bent on destruction and mayhem?

I think there are bigger issues at hand other than was this guy a liberal, right wing nutter, or whatever label you wish to use. People that automatically run towards the political affiliation this guy, I wonder if they suffer from some type of insecurity?

Is his political affiliation a representation of all those that hold "lefty" views?
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