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Originally Posted by badfast View Post
What does political affiliation have to do with someone's intent to kill?
That many so-called pacifists are just as violence-inclined as anybody else, albeit in a more passive-aggressive, repressed, hyporcritical sort of way?

Like you said, craziness knows no political affiliation. And I agree. But as I focused in the o.p., it's the selective /reporting/ that is troublesome. Or are you fine with reporting that is edited, truncated, or rearranged in way that it no longer paints a complete or true picture?

(edit: "a sourced named "soopermexican" isn't one I'm going to put a ton of faith in" <--- only because you're RAAAACIST. No, not really. I understand a hesitation to put faith in something you haven't heard of before. Wikileaks, you have heard of though.)

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