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cool thanks guys, ill try to bleed it again. im pretty sure that has got to be my problem. everything was completely fine before flushing the coolant, so it just has to be air pockets right? but if it wasnt bled correctly, would that cause the system to overflow? i would think if anything, there wouldnt be enough coolant rather than too much. the coolant was at the proper level after my first attempt at bleeding, and I didnt have any issues for a few days, thats the only reason im a little unsure. also, if there arent any visible leaks, is it probable that the coolant is just coming out of the top of the expansion tank? the cap on there does not appear to be of the "pressure releasing" type. I havent had a chance to really look at it, been working long hours but i will take a look this weekend. I just need someone to reassure me that it was just a bleeding issue and nothing more serious. thanks again for all the info.
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