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Originally Posted by badfast View Post
Yes. In this situation it does not bother me. His grievances were what drove him to commit these crimes, not because he gave props to Ellen or commented on Michelle Obama's bangs.
But as I stated in the o.p. this isn't about his crimes or manhunt, that's covered in the thead in Main OT. This is about hiding his expression of love and appreciation for gun control, Obama, Biden, Chris Matthews, Hillary, Bill for that matter, and many things lefty and liberal.

As AoG pointed out, when Loughter shot up the Giffords rally, there was a rush by the media to paint the kid as a Limbaugh listening radical conservative, who did so because of one of many cross-hairs put a tv map electoral seats the GOP needed to focus on to take the House. But it turns out that wasn't the case at all. Yet Dorner spouts all sorts of lefty gushing in his manifesto of discontent and the reasons behind his actions, the media *hides* his social and political concerns. A bit of a double-standard, isn't it?

Did outlets say they were publishing an incomplete manifesto? No. Did they say they were removing parts of it because they felt it didn't relate to the killings? No. The presented it as if in entirety, with only names of private citizens removed.... which isn't the case. Again, are you okay with selective reporting as a whole? Or are you okay, on a selective basis, with selective reporting?
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