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Originally Posted by B_Cyrus View Post
you know, most people on this forum say "engage your abdominal muscles on every lift," and I would have to agree(after years of disbelief). You really need to focus on flexing your entire body when you do your lift. It is easy to leave part of your body limp, and just lift with whatever you are trying to focus on. Once you teach your mind and your body to fully engage in your lifts, then you will be in the money. I just really started to get this about a month ago, and I've been lifting for the better part of 10 years.

Or you can be like this guy

dont be like this guy

Yes I agree many people don't know how to engage their abdominals when lifting. People tend to love to engage their back muscles though when lifting by swinging or bridging up their back when benching or chest pressing.
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