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Originally Posted by peytonracer4 View Post
Doesn't the e36 m3 have the same manual trans as the e46 328?

OP just by the things you are saying we can tell you don't know anything about drifting, let alone Motorsport. Do you even know what an LSD is? No. Not a drug.
What do you plan to do when something expensive on your car lets go during an event? Can you afford a $200 tow home with a $2000 repair bill and to go without a car for a month?

The rule in Motorsport is be prepared financially to take a total loss on the car you're driving at all times.
It's pretty apparent that you're nowhere close to that.

yes I know what a LSD is, god that is pretty dumb to ask. a open diff is fine for a amateur at the track but not competitions, and cant even get a sick angle cuz the stupid grip. and diff is not the only thing needed for drifting also a good suspension is.. and if a vehicle has a ton hp then the front needs to have chamber to grip better in turns. I know more about drifting than probably anyone who commented on the thread. BTW my trans ****ed up but the reverse is still good just shifts bad on its own (it likes slams itself into 4th from 3rd rough when flooring it). **** people talk about me like I dont know **** about what Im doing, but now pretty damn well. Im better off than the dumb ****s spending money on drugs (i use to smoke bud but outgrew that ****)... today some dumb ****s were smoking crystal meth in the parking lot of the track, bud isnt bad but who the **** is that dumb 2 be doing that ****
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