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Bone fracture - healing help?


looking for some advice for the internet's haven of knowledge... E46F :shh:

A friendly casual soccer game (flame suit - on!) on Australia Day with a few friends 2 weekends back resulted in me rolling on my left foot and fracturing the fifth metatarsal.

I am wearing a cam boot and have avoided getting a cast put on because I hate them. So, every morning I strap myself into the boot and it stays with me all day until I am physically in bed. Midnight pee-pee runs (and shower time) have me hobbling along favouring my left foot as much as possible.

I am doing my best not to put weight on the foot and use crutches whenever possible. I hate them, too.

So, ye oracle and fountain of knowledge... what foods / vitamins / supplements can I consume and what practices can I engage to assist in a fast and quality recovery? I have searched around the interwebs where I have seen some suggestions and I would like to hear yours.

I can post a shot of the x-ray if anyone is interested.

Any personal knowledge or first hand experiences would be greatly appreciated!



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