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Originally Posted by HellFish View Post
I have talked about this situation before but cliff notes..

Been dating this girl for about a year and I only have positive things to say about her - gets along with my family, we never fight, we have fun together, we enjoy the same stuff, she couldn't be a nicer person etc... I am 26 btw and she's around the same age.

Only problem is - I just don't feel that deep attraction to her. I don't know if I can say "I love you". We've been dating for about a year and I kind of feel like if I don't feel that way by now, I don't think I will. I hate to break up with someone that is so great on paper but I am just not sure... And if you have to ask if its the right person its not... right?

For you married people - is that deep emotional connection essential for a marriage to work?

I have already broken up with her once about 5 months ago because of the same feelings but we got back together in the hopes of developing that deeper level of chemistry. I still don't feel it. She was devastated the first time I broke up with her... my stomach is churning over doing it again.

In the end I hate to lose someone that is such a great partner, and would make a great life partner... its just the attraction and emotional connection. What is weird is I find her physically attractive, but still not "attracted to her"... That is weird to me.
I meant to comment on this a couple of days ago but I see it never posted. My internet sucks balls at home. Anyway, listen if you say this girl is so good on paper and would make a great life partner, u guys don't even argue then wat is it that you want? If a girl like that doesn't make you happy what is? A hoe, bitch, slut? That type of girl will only bring headaches and a few diseases bro.

Many guys wish they had what you do and you're not apprediating it. Many are probably going to think my response is gay but then again sometimes you have to be mature about things like this. Sometimes you don't know what love is till waaay down the road. It took me 8 years to realize I'm in love with my best friend. Just think about it if you haven't already broken her heart and potentially lost something good.
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