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Originally Posted by triniboy18 View Post
But what if you just so happen to run into a person that speaks like a thug and is brilliant in math or physics.
They can still be a bright individual... but they're poorly choosing to express themselves in a fashion that immediately will disqualify them in many people's minds. Call it stuffy but you set your own bar VERY low when you come across like a "thug".
Originally Posted by Dan99 View Post
Not always true, I have a friend that speak with a street slang, but yet has a 4.0 gpa. In addition, I have many peers in pharmacy school that do not articulate themselves as well as other pharmacy students but perform better academically.
You're in school... in the working world, you're buddy with the 4.0 GPA will have a VERY hard time getting a job is he can't learn to properly express himself in a mature fashion. I'm involved in all new sales hires at my company and can assure you that anyone who walked in using the work yo (or any variation) would immediately get laughed out of the building... and there is nothing wrong with that as proper English/grammar a mandatory qualification of a worthwhile candidate.

Note: This doesn't mean that they are a good/bad person.. but it immediately leads me to make judgements on their intelligence, maturity, and their social placement. If you think Jay-Z speaks like a thug in business meetings, you're terribly incorrect.

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