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Originally Posted by fsmtnbiker View Post
It's kinda a weird car. The previous owner had a 2.8L swapped in to get a little more power (???) so the motor is a clean, lower miles bottom end with a fresh head... But, I think, running all the M54B25 engine management. I'm not sure which intake manifold it has, I'm assuming the M54B25 since it has the electronic throttle body.

It feels to me like something isn't quite right with the VANOS/Cam Timing, but I haven't had time to go back in and check. It doesn't throw any codes but it is slooooow as the dyno shows (it doesn't help that my E36 has 100whp/80wtq more).

I think, basically, that I would like it to have stock ZHP power. It feels so flat above 4k after the DISA switch. I'm hesitant to do headers since it makes this exhaust sound so awful (and I really do like the sound now.) It's just a new daily for me, so I'm not likely to do much to it. Maybe some pullies (the alternator is doing some... interesting things) and an intake of some sort to replace the stock airbox.
I would take it to a tuner, explain what was done, and have them make an appropriate calibration

Keep in mind it is still a 2.8. I wouldn't expect much more than 190whp

Are you 100% sure the previous owner wasn't blowing smoke out of his ass? i can't see why someone would swap a 2.8 in to an MS43 car with the 3.0 being available.

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