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As someone who isn't an older grumpy bmw owner, let me give you some college kid to college kid advice.

Do you really aspire to be "Im better off than the dumb ****s spending money on drugs."

I aspire to be a top manager of a hotel management company, but our priorities are different.

Grow up bro, the whole drifting your car thing is the worst idea for an e46, you should ask your friends to drive their 240s and their civics drifting. Your parents seem to control you financially from your posts worrying about what they think about your car, correct me if im wrong.

This isn't a drift car, and your not gonna turn it into one on a budget. Most people who mod their cars here have this thing called savings, because maintenance is required for these cars.

You should keep the 1000 dollars for when your expansion tank blows up and shreds your drive belts. Unless mommy and daddy will pay for your maintenance and then you can pay for just mods, most kids get that hookup on this forum.
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