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Originally Posted by corNIC View Post
Well I was wathcing a video of a guy replacing one of these a few days ago and he used a ball joint press at some point? I am guessing he purchased all the parts seperately. I'm assuming that one from ECS tuning comes pressed? Or maybe I am just totally off base here. And yes you are right I am quite a noob but if I don't ever try to fix myself I won't learn lol.
You'll need a ball joint puller, pickle fork, 3lb hammer and 3 prong puller to get the LCA off. The ball joint puller for the outer ball joint, the pickle fork and hammer for the inner ball joint, and the 3 prong puller for the FCAB if it's stuck.

A ball joint press could be used to remove the FCAB from the housing (aka lollipop) if you are replacing the FCAB at the same time. The ball joints cannot be removed from the OEM LCAs so I have no clue why else you'd need a ball joint press.

I think everyone should learn to DIY, yet some tasks are not cut out for noobs. If you're going to tackle this, have someone with experience assist you. Breaking stuck ball joints loose sucks, especially if you're afraid of using force like many noobs.
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