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Originally Posted by TerraPhantm View Post
I would take it to a tuner, explain what was done, and have them make an appropriate calibration

Keep in mind it is still a 2.8. I wouldn't expect much more than 190whp

Are you 100% sure the previous owner wasn't blowing smoke out of his ass? i can't see why someone would swap a 2.8 in to an MS43 car with the 3.0 being available.
Unfortunately, I am 100% sure of what was done. I used to work at the shop that did the work, and now work for the previous owner... And have the shop bill for all the work that was done ($$$$$).

I really don't care all that much about more power. It would be nice but in reality I have a "fast" car when I want to drive it. This is strictly a DD and it gets good enough mileage that I am probably not going to mess with it. Maybe flashing up to the 330 stuff with the larger TB/MAF/IM as was suggested above, eventually.

I have no idea why they went with a 2.8 instead of the 3.0 - It's dumb in my book too (but I got such a good deal on the car that I couldn't pass it up.)

Completely unrelated:

Has anyone ever swapped an E36 exhaust into an E46? The head bolt pattern is the same, the underbody isn't that different. I'm wondering if it would be worth some power (I have more than one full E36 exhaust laying around.) It would be interesting to see how much power could be gained simply by removing those ridiculous factory manifolds and replacing them with... less ridiculous factory manifolds (or something aftermarket.)

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