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Originally Posted by SurreyF1 View Post
While i completely understand the logic that my hands and anyone else's are much "dirtier" than the toilet seat, i would much rather not sit on someone else's sh*t or piss. When a dog sh*ts on the floor, do you pick it up with your hands because its "cleaner" than your own hand?

lol come on now... logically you make sense, but conceptually, i would rather my ass not have a basting of someone elses sh*t, piss, and disgusing toilet water for the remainder of the day. if i shake someones hand, thats an easy fix...
I never said I wanted to sit in sh!t. I did say that as long as the seat is white and dry then you're in the clear. The point I was making is that worrying about germs on an otherwise clean seat is idiotic if you don't worry about germs elsewhere. Following that logic, you would wear a rubber glove when shaking someone's hand.


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