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School Me on 6-Speeds

I'm looking to do a 6-speed swap in my e30

After looking around and seeing the best options, I have come to the conclusion the e46 330i or M3 transmissions will be what I' m using. (hence why I'm here). So here comes where I need the knowledge of the board to help me out. Common knowledge serves that the two trannies are made by two different companies; ZF and Getrag, and go into the 330i and M3 respectively

Now, I'm looking to find out which one is better:
The ZF has a looser gearing ratio, but I've been reading it is more reliable as apposed to the Getrag (this needs to be confirmed)
The Getrag has a much tighter gearing ratio and a lower final drive, but I've heard horror stories of M3 guys blowing their 6 speeds and doing ZF/5-speed swaps in favor of the durability.

Here are the specs:

Getrag 260 (e30 Transmission)
|1st| 3.83 |2nd| 2.20 |3rd| 1.40 |4th| 1.00 |5th| 0.81

|1st| 4.35 |2nd| 2.50 |3rd| 1.66 |4th| 1.23 |5th| 1.00 |6th| 0.85

Getrag 420g
|1st| 4.23 |2nd| 2.51 |3rd| 1.67 |4th| 1.23 |5th| 1.00 |6th| .83

While I'm looking to put out figures a little shy less of a stock s54, I was just wondering which one would you guys recommend? Personally, I like the ZF for durability, because I've heard how much 6-speeds rebuild can run, but the nice closer ratio and lower final drive of the Getrag would be cool just to have

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