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Originally Posted by cowmoo32 View Post
I never said I wanted to sit in sh!t. I did say that as long as the seat is white and dry then you're in the clear. The point I was making is that worrying about germs on an otherwise clean seat is idiotic if you don't worry about germs elsewhere. Following that logic, you would wear a rubber glove when shaking someone's hand.
Originally Posted by cowmoo32 View Post
But it's no dirtier than the door knob or the stall lock or the money in your pocket so who gives a sh!t? your hands touch your face up to 2000x a day and you don't get sick. How often does one of your ass cheeks touch your face? If there isn't any piss or doo-doo butter on the seat then you have nothing to fear.
Wiping the seat still just spreads it. Usually public toilet's water (which is a marinade for piss and sh*t) flush pretty damn hard, so if there isn't visible sh*t and piss on the seat (which is not uncommon) doesn't mean its still there, the water goes everywhere...

As far as logic goes, I was trying to say that the hand shaking cannot be used as a comparison. Hands are in fact dirtier, but i'll repeat myself again because you aren't as smart today as you usually are

You wash your hands before you eat, and face... something I do at least once or twice a day in the office.

I'm not trying to argue what is more sanitary, just the idea of my ass being planted on (microscopic even) someone elses shitpiss, and then continue to stay there for the remainder of the day, is enough to put TP down. Don't care about germs, i just don't want the 65 year old greek guy's (who showers once a week) ass hole withdrawals on the back of my goddman thighs. i don't think i'm asking for much
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