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Originally Posted by Act of God View Post
It was my understanding that the driving force of the Nazi movement was nationalism and scapegoating, this wasn't a crusade nor was it sold as one.
Spot on.

Originally Posted by Act of God View Post
Shooting/murder/bad thing happens
If shooter is tea party/white/conservative: His beliefs are why he did it
If shooter is black/liberal/democrat: crazy is crazy, who cares what his beliefs are.

Originally Posted by badfast View Post
His invocation of religion influenced individuals to commit atrocities. I think that is scary. Not how religion influences one man, but how it can influence an entire society to commit awful acts.
You mention religion over and over again. All the while knowing that religion is but one form of ideology. Political persuasion is another, more secular form of ideology. Conservative or liberal, the same things show up by people espouse political ideology: ignorance, twisted interpretation of texts or dogma, sanctimony, invocation of higher principles, preaching to choirs, bigotry, persecution, self-righteousness, intolerance of others. Never make such a white-washed mistake again; religion didn't lead the people of Germany to commit the atrocities of the Third Reich, political ideology did. Never forget. And to keep this post in line with the topic, we shouldn't forget the main tool used shape that national fervor -- media and its use of political propaganda to shape popular opinion.

Originally Posted by Lair View Post
How are things in Neocon land?

Come'on man, we discussed the etymology of "neocon" last year. Columbus is thoroughly blue (as heads the direction of the state, I fear. )


Originally Posted by sammk View Post
Don't worry, the new gun control laws will apply to everyone alike, Liberals and Reps.
Except the po-po, DHS, and anybody Eric Holder and his pals decides to smuggle weapons to. I suspect they'll be keeping the 7000 AR-based "personal defense weapons" and 30 round mags they bought last year. {voluntarily takes back the tin cap from badfast}

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