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You mention religion over and over again. All the while knowing that religion is but one form of ideology. Political persuasion is another, more secular form of ideology. Conservative or liberal, the same things show up by people espouse political ideology: ignorance, twisted interpretation of texts or dogma, sanctimony, invocation of higher principles, preaching to choirs, bigotry, persecution, self-righteousness, intolerance of others. Never make such a white-washed mistake again; religion didn't lead the people of Germany to commit the atrocities of the Third Reich, political ideology did. Never forget. And to keep this post in line with the topic, we shouldn't forget the main tool used shape that national fervor -- media and its use of political propaganda to shape popular opinion.
One post mentions religion. You treat the 2 as though they are separate entities. Sorry, but they can influence each other. Religion can be used to influence politics (history is full of examples). Another example is terrorist organizations such as Hamas using religion for its political purposes. Religion becomes the means to their political ends. And it is effective.

Also, I didn't make the claim that religion is what led to the atrocities in Germany, you arrived at that conclusion yourself. However, religion did have its own influences. You can stop with the "never forget" comments. You aren't the teacher here grasshopper.

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