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Originally Posted by trj View Post
Kris, I sent you a PM about these sometime ago and we had a conversation about the drop being lower than sports suspension. Or lets say, on the highest setting, these will still lower the car by 1" than sports suspension setup.

I am planning to get a set of these in summer. I will be out of the country for a couple of months.
I would like to know from the long term users, how did it fare in winter?
Not just the tires but Suspension also plays a good part in handling in the weather, also the durability on the weather will also be my concern since I am in Colorado and we do see a fair amount of snow.

My factory sport dampers are still pretty good. But I am doing a refresh of suspension in summer so was thinking to get these instead of some other spring/strut combo.

My main objectives:
1) Ride comfort equal to factory sports suspension.
2) A little lower than factory sports suspension(not too much).
3) Better handling.
4) No bouncing of rear or too much feedback.
5) What is the maximum(lowest) and minimum(highest) drop compared to sports suspension on the coupe?
6) If someone makes a DIY with some key points, like how the top washers from the factory suspension are placed and torque values that will be great.

I'm from slc utah so we have kind of the same climate...

1) I didn't have a sport suspension before, but its much stiffer than the OEM. I would describe it as bouncy, but not a terrible ride.
2) they are coils so you can do what ever you want really. I'm at 6 or7 turns from the bottom and my 17" with 40 tire is flush with fender for now. Im sure they will settle a little more. and the front bumper is about 4" from the ground.
3) They do improve the handling, at least i noticed an improvement.
4) No bouncing that i have noticed
5) i dunno... yet.
6) washers go on the same way they look on the stock suspension. Theres one that will go on the black part and another that it cupped which will face up into the strut tower. (I didn't have the washers when i did it so i have to re install them with the washers. if you dont install the washers the springs make a little noise.) make sure the rear coils are on top of spring and not bottom of the spring pad when you intall. (thats what i did wrong the first time I couldn't adjust them when they were on the bottom. Other than that its pretty strait forward and easy to install, but plan on taking quite a while to do them all my stuff was rusted on, which slowed me down.

you can find torque specs on here some where...

over all its a okay product with a great price I will say that if you get more than 6" of snow in one night your car will become a plow. Also you have to watch it when you go up driveways and things im always dragging my pipes. those are the only issues i have had after dropping it.
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