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Originally Posted by Neotate View Post
Sorry haven't posted, went on vacation then came back to reassess the problem. I removed both pipes going into the passenger side of the engine bayland flushed it all out with a hose.. a load of brown gunk came out, put it all back together and still no heat but it cleared out the system. Replaced the heater control valve and flushed the whole system. refilled it and bled it and now i get heat, i also had a minor leak somewhere so i dropped in some leak repairer which stopped the leaking so it was probably a combination of things which caused the issue. All fun and games now i got a whirling noise from the rear offside wheel so it looks like I got bearing to replace when it gets warmer.
Why on earth would you use a stop leak product unless you were planning on trashing the motor? In my situation I had a hole in the block.. I didnt have much choice. But to use stop leak when you can just fix it, is beyond retarded, sorry.. That crap clogged my heater core as well.

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