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Originally Posted by badfast View Post
One post mentions religion. You treat the 2 as though they are separate entities. Sorry, but they can influence each other. Religion can be used to influence politics (history is full of examples). Another example is terrorist organizations such as Hamas using religion for its political purposes. Religion becomes the means to their political ends. And it is effective.
"Can." "Can." "Can." Practicing to be a showgirl? Yes, this is correct, religion "can" be used by leaders to influence a group of people and move them action. As does invocation of politics. I did not treat them as separate entities; in fact, I clearly stated religion and politics are both forms of ideology... and thus lumped them in the same group. So how did you arrive at the opinion I was treating them separately? Were you not reading?

And speaking of reading comprehension, I asked "Did outlets say they were publishing"... To which you replied "which lefty news organizations are you watching". To answer your question, I don't "watch" any news. I read it. Just because Cooper or another newscaster mentions or word or two, doesn't mean they aren't removing thousands of other words from print. You can attempt to deny it all you want, but Google Cache doesn't lie.

Originally Posted by badfast View Post
(Hitler's) invocation of religion influenced individuals to commit atrocities. I think that is scary. Not how religion influences one man, but how it can influence an entire society to commit awful acts.
Originally Posted by badfast View Post
I didn't make the claim that religion is what led to the atrocities in Germany.
No, of course you didn't. Someone else hijacked your account and wrote it under your name. {Reshapes the aluminum falcon into a dunce cap and hands it back for you to wear}
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