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UPDATE: Yesterday I had an appointment with my Indy shop to have my tranny fluid and filter changed. My Bimmer guy told me the fluid was nasty and had likely never been done. Happily, though, there were no signs of any kind of wear that was beyond normal use. He drove my car and told me that he felt the vibration I was talking about and told me that because of how it felt to him and the condition of the fluid when he took it out, he would suggest keeping an eye on it over the next couple days to watch if it changed at all with the new fluid in there. So, in the past two days I put about 50 more miles on the car to cycle the fluid around in the transmission and besides how much more awesome my transmission feels now, it does seem to have remedied the shudder/vibration. It is now mostly completely gone under normal driving and even under moderate and heavy acceleration it does not seem to be happening anymore. It's nice to be able to open her up again! So, I'll continue to keep an eye on it and keep you guys posted on whether this fix lasts and really solves the issue. I'm certainly hoping it does and it seems to have done it.
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