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My Ride: 2002 M3 SMG

Thank you for the responses. I have a few things to add. When I'm driving down the freeway at about 65-70 every now and again it will start to rev higher on the rpm's but my speed does not increase. It feels like I shifted to neutral with the same pressure on the gas pedal. The dash display stays in whatever gear I was in which at that speed would be 6th gear. Now when I don't have my foot into the pedal much because I'm starting to slow down or driving down a slight hill or even if I take my foot off the accelerator completely it will drop to idle on the tach (900 rpm). If I take off hard from a light or accelerate hard on the freeway the car feels fine!
Also, the problem started right after I left the tire shop for new rear tires. That leads me to my next issue. The m3 originally came with the stock 18's and about 3-4 years ago I put stock 19's on it with no issues (besides a way different ride). I decided to go with a 45 series tire in the rear rather than the stock 40. I'm not impressed with the look and will go back to the 40 series as soon as these wear out. Does switching to a 275/45/19 over the stock 275/40/19 give me the issues I'm having?
At 40,831 miles BMW (Cunningham BMW at the time) fixed a handful of issues under warranty. They fixed a broken clutch master cylinder, broken clutch release, put in a rmfd clutch, rel lever, retnr spring, ball pin, bolt, prntosin VHF 11s, and clamp (I copied the part description exactly how my work order from BMW reads).
So 47,000 EASY daily driver grandpa miles I'm having the 'slipping' issue!

Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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