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Originally Posted by 00stephen View Post
Clearly your second line is related to your interpretation presented in the first. The point has been explained numerous times, by numerous people... but since you interpret grown-up talk as Charlie Brown trombone riffs, I'll spare the effort.

So first you said it led to atrocities. Then you said it didn't. Now you claim it does. Stop equivocating, it weakens your position.

You're not communicating your thoughts consistently, much less effectively. One possibility is that -- with an over-arching and righteous concern to be seen as correct, or as "a teacher" as you put it -- you are more focused on the impression of yourself you create among other people, than the actual content you're using to create it. When a person's overall goal is to be "right", his narrative will suffer in consistency and clarity... as seen in your repeatedly contradictory statements, most of which have nothing to do with the original post. It's a narcissistic trait, one we see Dorner's writing as well. Cheers.
you're a joke. Now you are all Dr. Psychology. lol. Keep going doc. I am amused by your effort.

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