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Originally Posted by jeepo23 View Post
What salt bro? All I see is grass and looks like it rained a bit..

Also got pics of the gf?
Lol that's because I washed it twice within the last 3 days!

ummm here is a picture of her that I had on my computer

Originally Posted by DNyFinest View Post
Aww man that sounds rough. Its possible the bolts weren't long enough to clear the spacer and secure itself in the hub. I bought mine from ECS tuning and the quality is amazing. I havent had an issue with driveability one bit and was even able to get the car aligned with them properly.

I hear you with dodging the potholes but its the life we've chose. The low life..
DNYFinest, the issue was the center bore of the wheels I bought were 72.6 and my hub is 74.1 so ordered a set of H&R Adapters that convert the center hub from 74.1 to 72.6. Once I did that I wanted to have it sit more flush so I added another spacer but the lug bolt was too long. It bottomed out and I wasn't aware. (Dont mind the wheels, they were supposed to be temporary untill I could afford CCW Classics)

Here is a picture of the fitment of the wheels with spacers and adapters.

This is the end result.

Luckily once it happened, my rotor was still okay and the only thing that got messed up was the rear bumper popped out of a place and I was able to fix it right then and there.

Once this happened, I decided to take off all spacers and wheel adapters and just put the oem wheels back on. While the shop had my car I went ahead and had them replace the rear with 2 brand new tires (fronts had already been replaced). I picked up my car around 5pm on a Saturday during my lunch break and drove it back to work. That Sunday morning one of my brand new rear tires went completely flat (luckily not on the bay bridge which is about 4.2 miles long) right after the bridge.

I ended up having the car towed back across the bridge to the shop that replaced the tire. They took care of the towing which was nice and said they would try to get the tire company to pay for it as it may have been a defect. I ended up having to pay for ANOTHER new tire but they only charged me cost. Ever since that has happened I've been so iffy about wheel spacers
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