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OK guys, I'm sorry for the confusion but I actually did have the 2 sets and I did ship them but the courier company f'd up the whole thing. I'm sorry I haven't responded in a long time but I've been busy at work and I've been traveling. I should have visited the site and checked but honestly this wasn't even on my mind and I thought everything was good. A friend and I had the 2 sets and we seriously were trying to get rid of them. This wasn't a scam and I'm extremely sorry for the inconvenience caused. I'm so glad you got your money back guys as I would have refunded you immediately myself. I would never ask for a gift payment and the reason I went with PayPal is this reason of buyer being protected. Again, extremely sorry for the inconvenience. The shipment actually got to the US but was reversed. I only came here because I got the packages back and was stunned because clearly the buyers didn't receive it. Guys, I cannot tell you how embarrassed and ashamed I am. I too am disgusted by scammers and to think I was thought of as one makes my stomach sick. I'm glad you guys got the money back and honestly I owe you guys a favor now. Anytime you're in OZ you're got accommodation on me and that's no joke.
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