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Originally Posted by hotcarl01 View Post
Are you sure sales is for you at all? Going in with this in mind could be trouble. Especially commission sales. Besides, a good salesman makes more than his manager.

He's right, they don't even know you yet. The management line means nothing. If you sucks balls at sales, can't deal with customer issues, your people skills blow etc. then you're dead in the water.

What you need to do is go in ready to sell the fvck out of some cars, work extra hours, listen to the way every single person in the dealership sells and pick up their techniques quickly. Get to know everyone in the dealership well, treat them well because you will need everyone of them to help you close deals. The finance girls to make sure they don't lose the deal after you're sure you've secured it, the guys in parts to throw in some accessories to help close the deal, the lot boy to get your cars quicker than everyone else's etc.
^^^ This was the best advice in this thread so far. I started selling Chrysler when I was about 21 years old. By 23 I cracked $110,000 and bought my first condo. Became a sales manager at 25 and started making over $150k. It lined me up to accomplish anything I wanted to do. Theres no better business experience then sales experience. It is a hustlers game tho. You have to be aggressive and have the mentality that you need to eat and feed your family. Believe it or not you'll actually make more money in a Chrysler or GM store. BMW/MB (average sales guys) make about $60-90k while those same guys would be making over $100k in a domestic store.
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