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Originally Posted by ROOFLESS View Post
^^^ This was the best advice in this thread so far. I started selling Chrysler when I was about 21 years old. By 23 I cracked $110,000 and bought my first condo. Became a sales manager at 25 and started making over $150k. It lined me up to accomplish anything I wanted to do. Theres no better business experience then sales experience. It is a hustlers game tho. You have to be aggressive and have the mentality that you need to eat and feed your family. Believe it or not you'll actually make more money in a Chrysler or GM store. BMW/MB (average sales guys) make about $60-90k while those same guys would be making over $100k in a domestic store.
agree agree and more agree. your pay plan will reflect a percentage of your gross profit on the "front" end for the most part. find the brand that has the highest markup in their cars. for example, I screwed up selling VW for a year with their 3% over invoice. Moved to Audi and doubled it to 6%. Guess what, that's still about HALF of a fvckin Dodge dealer.
Originally Posted by Lair View Post
They'll hire anyone who shows a glimmer of intelligence.

A new GM took over last month and shltcanned all the BMW store's managers - even in the parts department. Again.

They know there's a never-ending stream of warm bodies that they can use up and throw away, and they treat their employees accordingly.
jesus christ almighty thank the heavens for some realistic input.

OP - slap the BMW idea right out of your mouth. You don't qualify and I can tell having never even met you. PS - they could give 2 sh!ts if they ever hear from you again.

I've been in this business for a while and let me tell you something - if you like to have set hours, a decent idea of what your pay will be week by week, OR don't like other people scheming and scamming around you, then just stop right there. Yes, the money is good but for God's sake so is the salesperson making it.

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