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Added a few mods in the last couple weeks and haven't been updating my build thread.

Got a great deal on an ecis intake with heat shield and gruppe m rep exhaust. Also added the illuminated zhp weighted shift knob. Pics as vid up soon.

Ecis intake- definitely improved sound, nice and throaty. Fitment is perfect and install was a breeze. It's also nice that this kit uses the oem maf screen for extra protection of the sensor.

Gruppe m rep exhaust- mellow tone at idle, but pretty loud at lower rpms 1-2.5k. But quiets down a bit after that and absolutely no drone on the highway. High revving sound is amazing, nice a smooth tone and not raspy at all with my ar20 in the section 2. Very happy with the sound and all welds look really good. Fitment was not perfect and tips aren't perfectly straight but for the price this was a steal. Probably going to have a muffler shop straighten the tips soon.
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