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Eugene, first, if you've not done it yet, list the work you want quoted.

Second, if you wait until the spring for non-essential things like thermostat (unless it's bad), PM me. I think I can find time for you. I'd like to, but my life is busy these days.


Originally Posted by E46tknv View Post
I know there are many shops that have a username and password on this forum.

Shop owners: If you dont mind, please PM me. I need a couple of simple things done to my car. Simple for a shop with proper tools to do but difficult for myself since I do not have those kind of resources. I would like to get a well thought out quote. I know shops do not throw out pricing because you can take it and go compare it with other quotes but I do not want to travel and be slapped with a huge invoice.
I need somebody in jersey. I know some good shops in queens but too much of a hassle to get there nowadays with my hectic schedule.

Work is to be done on an e36 M.
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