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Originally Posted by Ned's Bimmer View Post
Bring it over to me, I'll get some pics
I will take you up on that. I'll send you a text one of these days, and we should take some pictures with Ervin and Eric as well. It should be a nice little E46 orgy

Originally Posted by 330i ZHP View Post
I didnt mean NO caps - i mean not using BBS caps at all

Gotcha. I wouldn't have bought these, but I got all 4 for only 55 shipped, and they are real.

Maybe I'll pass 'em on to someone else and just wrap the blank caps in CF or something like that. The wheels don't look right with just plain jane black caps IMO.

I am even considering some new wheels, but don't want to spend any un-necessary money on it.. lol. Other times I just want to sell this damn thing and get something newer, bigger, faster and more comfortable. An E39 fits the bill (even though it is older), but IDK..


Alternator took a **** on me (it was the bearings).. So I swapped it for a new one, with a new voltage regulator. Changed out the pulleys and idler roller thing as well. The car seems to be rock solid other than that. Perhaps a new throttle cable in the future, my gas pedal is heavy and resists a lot..

Maybe I will get a M-tech front end this summer.. I can get it for around 550 shipped for everything (all OEM BMW), just needs paint. That price even includes the brake ducts!

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