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There are ways around "cheat days". Some bodybuilders incorporate "cheat meals", which is simply one meal that isn't as good. Instead of a lean turkey burger on a whole wheat bun with baked sweet potato wedges, they go for the bacon cheeseburger and fries. This is not something they do for a whole day, though. It's one meal that is done very sporadically, not scheduled once a week.
I personally think that you shouldn't give yourself a full day "pass" to eat whatever you want. Instead, one meal would be the compromise. The rest of the day is nutritious/healthy. Doing a whole day can set you back in a number of ways. I ate like crap during the SuperBowl and felt like **** the next day, which was leg day. If I eat like crap on an off day, I can feel it the next day at the gym. I have less energy and my hydration is typically down; but that's just me.

I would suggest that there are ways around "cheat days". Instead of indulging on something really sugary and sweet, make a fruit smoothie or eat a flavored Chobani. If you crave a beef burger, opt for lean 93% or 97% beef instead of the more flavorful but fattier 85%, and just add more spices. Want a cheeseburger? Add some reduced fat cheese. Fries? Baked American fries with pepper, rosemary and garlic instead of salt and oil.
I have a family recipe for pancakes that is excellent (no joke). However, when I make them I alter the recipe to cut out a lot of the sugar, and I make them with stone ground whole wheat flour instead of bleached AP flour. Stuff like that.

I used to subscribe to the "eat everything in sight" mentality for bulking back in the day, but I paid for it by putting on a significant amount of fat. When you are bulking/building, you can get away with more foods than with cutting or maintaining, but you still have to be congnizant of the nutrition you're getting-or not getting-from the food. A supersized #5 with Sprite could equal two normal meals where you're taking in much better quality carbs, a lot more protein, and a fraction of the fat.
Food for thought.
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