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Originally Posted by tmr931 View Post
So I rebled the system today. Poured distilled water in until it ran out of the bleeder valve for about 2 minutes. I failed to do that the last time. Anyways, bled it out for 2 minutes, siphoned out excess coolant, and then took the car for a nice midnight drive through the hills. I was monitoring the temp through the OBC and it topped out at 96/97 C, it would bounce between the back and forth. From what I have read, thats exactly where it should be. Also, heat worked great. No coolant light. It appears that I have fixed the problem, and the car was running great, pulling like a freight train tonight with the dense cool midnight air. Thanks for all the help. I LOVE MY BMW!
TL;dr it all...but if you added a lot of distilled, you've affected your ratio, which should be around 50/50 plus or minus a little...not a lot.

Although you're probably entering warmer weather, you may be hit with some cold temps...keep car garaged if you added more than a few cups of distilled...or read the coolant bottle to get a sense of what temp you're now safe to...and fix things up for the next winter. Don't forget.

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