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Originally Posted by Andy2108 View Post
Hey Denver/Colorado Fanatics! I'm from KC so usually I'm over in the Kansas thread, but I thought I'd post up here and say hi.

I'm a senior in high school and I'm contemplating where I will go to college. Right now my top two choices (where I've been accepted and all) are The University of Denver and Colorado State University. I intend to pursue an undergraduate degree in Mechanical Engineering and maybe some day add an MBA on top of that. or something. I don't really know lol.

Anybody have any comments or thoughts about DU or CSU? I know they're pretty different schools, but I also know I would be happy at either. My family and I are driving out to Ft. Collins next week to visit and talk to some people, and then down to Denver to do the same.

Maybe I'll meet some of you guys this fall
You will like Colorado a lot.
I go to CU for my masters in engineering, I am taking a break this semester though.

I think it will be better if you go to CSU or CU boulder if you are looking for mechanical engineering. CU Denver is not very organized in terms of administration and faculty. Worst is my school, school of computer science and engineering. They have created so many blunders because of ever changing rules and lack of communication with the administration.

School of mines is the best for an engineering student I'd say.

Good luck.

Edit: for masters degree I'd definitely say DU hands down. Their business school is one of the top and very good environment to study there.

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