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Originally Posted by mixedgas401 View Post
Yeah it seems to be all speeds. I noticed last night the vibration started after I made a right turn.

I don't think anyone around my area stocks redline fluids. How are valvoline gear lubes? I appears that the maxlife atf and gear lubes meet all specs of redlines fluids. I ask because we stock val online at my shop and it is very convienient
Valvoline is fine as long as you are sure it's 100% synthetic oil. I personally use 75w90 synthetic (either Mobil or Redline, whatever is cheaper at the time) in the diffs and MTL in the transfer case. If you've never changed the TC fluid before, I would suggest running some ATF in there for ~5k miles to allow the detergents in that fluid to break down all the crap that will inevitably be in there. Then drain the ATF out and fill with MTL as it is better for the geared system than ATF.

Another thing to check out is the center support bearing for the rear drive shaft and the driveshaft rubber bushing as well.

I'm guessing you tried the cheap fix of checking wheel balance already?

Originally Posted by jeepo23 View Post
I'm going to go and say its your axles.
How many km's on the car? These xi's chew through axles like no other. Your CV joint might be gone or the boots might just not have enough grease in them so you would need to repack them.
He thinks the rear axles are the problem, fronts seem to be ok. Rear axles don't have nearly the same troubles as the fronts.

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