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I think of it like this... if I spent a whole day eating bad, that's 15% of my week. I'm a big believer in the 80/20 rule for eating healthy, in that if you adhere to a diet 80% of the time you will see results. So by having an entire day dedicated to cheating, you are using up pretty much your entire weeks worth of bad food, leaving you no room.

I do my best to eat healthy whenever possible, with that 20% wiggle room for when I cannot. So instead of "scheduling" bad meals, let them happen naturally (cake at a birthday party, getting drunk for a buddies bday, eating out with coworkers etc).

Also 4 days of the week I eat high protein / high fat (lots of ribeye steaks, cheese, salads with olive oil etc) and low carb so these are the days I get in the delicious tasting food without paying the price of added body fat gain. The 3 workout days are high carb / high protein with low fat, so thats my typical "shape magazine" eating healthy days... lots of chicken, rice, and sweet potatoes etc with nothing added.

For me, eating healthy means natural non processed foods... to most it means avoiding eating fat (especially saturated). There is nothing wrong with saturated fat, its the hydrogenized vegetable oil fats (like canola oil) that turn into unnatural trans fat (deep frying etc).

If you avoid pairing fats and carbs in the same meals / days then you will avoid body fat gain, and still get to eat most of the foods you consider "cheating" items. A cheeseburger is "bad" for you because it combines A) processed carbs from bun with high dietary fat and B) high calories from fat content = more likely you are to be excess calories for the day. If you remove the bun, and make sure you aren't eating excess calories that day over maintenance, there is nothing wrong with it.

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That's my 2c
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