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Installed B039 4.0.4 Android unit on my X5 2001, I am hoping I get some detailed answers on how to fix those:

- Radio Reception: plugging the cable just doesnt enhance the reception, is there a better way of fixing the reception without buying an antenna amplifier for $200
- There's a blue cable with ANT written on it? what's that for?
- Sound is just too Loud: I found a way to reduce the sound level by putting the EQ to Rock mode, is there a better way of doing so? can someone explain how to install the speaker level converter?
- Wheel buttons: this is just crappy, laggy, buggy, whatever you want to name it ... it just works 30% of the times ... is this it forever?
- also on the radio side the next button is supposed to change to the next registered channel, mine hops on to the next frequency level
- Phonebook in Bluetooth: isnt it supposed to download the phonebook from my phone? how the hell do you add a number to the phonebook

I dont want to start with the android part, this is a whole other issue.
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