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Originally Posted by Andy2108 View Post
Yeah I think so too! There are no fun roads in Kansas... btw how much power does an M3 loose at 5,000 ft?

Right now my focus is undergrad ME. It's nice to keep in mind that DU has good graduate studies, but I probably shouldn't let that influence my undergrad decision too much. My biggest concern with DU is the size of the program. It seems like ME at CSU is much more substantial and therefore will have the labs, equipment, toys, extra stuff, blah blah whatever. Versus DU might have the basics but beyond that

I know mines is better but I still don't know how I feel about a predominantly engineering (and guys) school. Also, I haven't applied there and even if I did idk if I would get in. I have actually driven through Golden and formally visited CU Boulder and CSU. I have only a month or two until I have to make my decision so that's why we're driving out this week.
Yah, I drove to Kansas from Denver once and I will never do that in my lifetime. Such a boring drive. This time I flew. When my friends visit me from Kansas they get really excited with the mountains and roads here. I take them to Pikes peak, independence pass, Mt. Evans, georgetown lake(to fish). They usually visit in summer. So, its more fun driving.

Dont put DU in your mind now. I had thought of many schools before doing my BE in Computer Science. But after completing my BE and working for a couple of years my perspective of schools changed. Hence, joined CU Denver. Its a nice school and good teachers and all that good stuff. But as I mentioned earlier the communication between the faculty board and management/administration is terrible. Head of the Department will tell you one thing and the admin head will tell you other. Also, being a big school in the city(3 schools in the same campus and courses are often cross-taught within) the teachers are hard to get hold of.

I mentioned DU because you mentioned MBA.
If you are considering a good internship, then mines is the best. Thats where(predominant technical schools) the big players come in looking for fresh talent.

Consider having Regis University in your list? I dont know how their Engineering programs are, I had a couple of friends who did MBA and MSc from there.

I can tell you about DU and CU Denver. My fiancÚ went to DU and I go to CU. I believe terdwrassler goes to CU for Mechanical Engineering as well. PM him.

Someone was asking about the tune a couple of pages ago about the tune for M3 in Denver. May be he can tell you more about it.
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