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Originally Posted by MJLavelle View Post
Well, if you read their description, they are designed to collapse like the OEM arms, so they may not be the time bomb that the "OEM or nothing" crowd thinks they are.
Thanks for the info!
Designed by whom, exactly?

Yeah. That's right.

It's not to do with "OEM or nothing" as my entire suspension is mostly aftermarket. It has to do with quality or nothing. Sorry, but I'm not trusting some rinky dink generic crap made by K1 racing or whatever name they use. If you want to try units from Turners or Vorshlag, then sure. But those units might cost more.

Anyway the stock arms provide plenty of adjustment. If you need more than 2.5 degrees of negative camber, then have at it. AFAIK, the stock units can go quite far (more than 2.5)

And again, reminder: OP wanted to retain stock camber.
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