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Originally Posted by Fidget View Post
While I know your point, I also know that they are unlikely to be willing to provide a timeline.

From their perspective this amp has been a fiasco now. It is a blot on their reputation as a company and it has already hurt their credibility, they dont want to risk something going wrong and hurting their reputation further.

Until now we have heard story upon story of "just a little delay" and "small issues" and "testing" so the community is unlikely to believe that any future announcement of a delay is legitimate. The amp has been a huge public relations nightmare for them. You run a small business and know that reputation matters, they burned a lot of that reputation capital in the community with the amp project and recovering that will NOT be easy. It takes a lot of work to build and more to re rebuild a good reputation, and they have taken a big hit to that already. It is unlikely they will want to risk further damage by putting a date out before it is VERY close to done.
Call me crazy but the best way for them to gain back some respect would be to give a date and actually stick to it. Thus providing their followers with something real to plan for.
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