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Originally Posted by Bayerische E46 View Post
Perhaps you are not turning the DSC all the way off? If you press the button once, the DSC goes into intermediate mode (which means that the DME won't cut fuel to the engine, but that traction control will still work by applying individual wheel braking). If you press the button once and then press and HOLD it down, you should hear a chime and the DSC light on your instrument cluster will flash and the "Brake" light on your instrument cluster will come on. This means that you have turned off all the driver aids.
This is more or less correct.

1) There is no chime. At least not on my 2002.

2) DME doesn't totally eliminate wheel-slip intervention, it raises the threshold. It will still intervene if things get too crazy (as far as traction control to the rear wheels) You still retain full "stability control" during "stage 1" (one press) DSC.

3) All drivers aids are not disabled. You still have ABS, CBC, brake force assist (forgot BMW's acronym but basically increased effort at the brake master cylinder when a sudden press of the brake pedal is detected) but yes stability control is disabled and traction control is fully defeated.
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