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Todays progress wasn't to bad...

- Installed new guibo and tranny mounts using proper torque specs.

- Installed the new emergency brake cable

- I RTV'd all the welds under the car and smeared it over the painted areas

- Installed the differential

- Installed rest of the rear suspension minus the coilover kit

- Installed the AKG RTABS (Powerflex were in there before so thats cool)

- I also finished up the brace with one more connection point

I called AKG and they told me I could either keep or eliminate the middle tranny mount so I decided to keep it in

RTABS greased and installed

I also decided to tie the brace into the frame rail as well to distribute what ever load there is a little bit more.

Rear differential installed, along with most of the rear assembly...I have Ebrake shoes ready for the morning at autozone. The ones in the car were non existant so that will sold my no ebrake problem.


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