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I have to agree with Andy2108. In addition to the hundreds of millions, if not billions that BMW spends on engine development, not to mention every other manufacturer in the world, whose development programs combined have to be in the trillions of dollars, AND, the blank check that petroleum company engineers have for fuel development, and the fact that much of this work is done by lots of men and women with PHD's hanging on their walls, it would be absolutely amazing that some guy decided to dump 2 cycle oil in his gas tank, and managed to stumble on something that works so well, yet is so simple. I don't see that happening. At best, you are doing something that just happens to not make it run worse, or that the engine controls are compensating for. Where is the documentation that proves even one of these claims? Where are the automotive system engineers that tested any of these things, and published the results? Who did long term testing and analysis to establish that any of these things are true?
It is called the placebo effect. People want to believe that these things are true, so in their minds, they become true.
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