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Originally Posted by o3BMW325xi View Post
all that stuff on your list is hit or miss, the thing is people on forums OVER blow things. There is people that have those issues at 40k miles and there is others, at least the ones i know with 160k miles and never had to do any of those things beside oil those issues as i said can be hit or miss in other 55k miles that engine has not even been broken for 9k def go for it. good luck
OP asked the question of what should he have his mechanic look for. All of the things on the list are absolutely able to be checked either physically or through record receipts.

In addition, the recommended preventative stuff is up to the owner to either do or not do. I personally would take the cheap insurance of doing the work rather than have a component fail and cause damage. I do all the work myself so the costs are substantially less.

BMWs are cheap to maintain and expensive to fix.
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