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when I started doing it, I read an article that I can't find at the moment.

But essentially the "cliffs" that I got from it were not to roll it quickly over the muscle, but to relax completely and try and put maximal bodyweight on the muscle group you are working on... and go pretty much as slow as possible. If it hurts really bad / feels tight, then you sit on that spot, maybe slowly moving an inch or so in either direction to try and work out the tightness. You'll know when its gone

There may be more efficient methods out there but this is my warmup:

You want all your weight to be on the muscle group, so get in whatever position allows you to do this (quads for example you get in a pushup position)

Quads (roll from groin down to knee cap, you'll feel your quads literally tighten up then release)
IT Bands... both sides (stack your legs on your side, roll from your hip down to your knee. This is excruciating, especially when first starting)
Calves (roll from ankle to knee)
Hamstrings (roll from knee to glutes)

If you want a nice feeling in your back, put the foam roller in between your shoulders blades (you are facing up obviously) and roll it left and right slowly.

That's all I do, maybe someone will see a flaw and help me too. I get really loosened up after

Edit: I don't have any set reps or # of rolls etc... I just go until I can tell I am loosened up and the pain has diminished, somedays its quick somedays it needs some work

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