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Originally Posted by Rubenk View Post
Tough call, you'd probably enjoy the E46 more though.
Yeah. I know I'd love the V8 but who knows how long it would take me to actually get one to where I'd really enjoy it. Where as I could get an e46 with one of the best suspensions (better than my old car), best BBK's (old car had oem brakes), all new bushings, sways, etc. It would basically have the same mods as my old car or better minus the body mods, aero, and obviously the interior. It would be down on power but would be a killer track car.

Where as the e92 would be stock for a long time I'm afraid. You know the wifey. Let's be honest, I'm not the stock car kind of guy.

That and I know the e46 so well and it's a toss up but I think when I see them together I like the e46 more.

I really need to drive one though, I still haven't.

Originally Posted by Andy2108 View Post
modded e46 for sure
You would know better than me sense you own a modded e46 and have driven a stock e92.
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