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Derp. High end audio is even more polarized than the automobile world. Pick up Stereophile, The Absolute Sound, look at avsforum and you should come out okay. Best Buy Magnolia is fairly decent for a super mainstream selection of decent amplifiers, receivers and components.

The CM series of B&W is good for mainstream audio names.

Marantz is good, so is Denon, Pioneer, etc for receivers. Look for an Airplay compatible receiver.

Two common misconceptions: All amplifiers do NOT sound the same (some say they do), and power is not everything. Pay attention to the efficiency of the speakers that you buy and you won't need gobs of power.

I don't think you'll be buying any sort of record breaking system this time around (and with your level of knowledge), so go test out speakers and see which you like best. Much of high end audio is subjective and personal preference.

Side note: Magnolia may try and push you on the Martin Logan speakers they sell- to me they sound incredibly boosted and just... bad. Stay away.

Second side note: A good sub will be necessary for this "fierce" sound that you desire- and it'll cost more than you expect it to.

I would say give us your rough budget- but you have a lot of research to do before we get there.

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