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Originally Posted by Andy2108 View Post
I know a whole lot about stock E46s, modded (not prepared) E46, and quite a bit about stock E90 and E92's. Remember my sister has that E90 too.

You were the one talking about how the E92 is superior from a chassis and suspension design standpoint. All I can do is take your word for it.

How much have you driven stock M3's? Their suspension (rates and such) is all about compromise, and they really do have a great compromise between the way a suspension should act and comfort. But with that said, a stock M car will feel planted for petty corners, but when you really start throwing the weight around its going to feel like a boat.

Usually I'm in the "take your time, do it once, do it right" camp, but in your situation I say go for it before its too late.
Well I wouldn't have a stock e46 but I never drove mine on track before the PSS9's.

As for the e92 being superior, I think it is stock for stock but I think some MCS's will cure that.

You have a pretty well modded e46, what would you rather drive. And remember I care more about trackability than street comfort and tech stuff.
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