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Originally Posted by Andy2108 View Post
the e92 is more of a touring car than the e46 which is more of a sports car. therfore I would have the e46. but that's probably over simplifying things.

with the same mods, what's faster? probably the e92.
I would agree and that's my feelings as well.

My delima is that I could have a faster e46 now or a faster e92 later and by faster I'm referring to lap times assuming the car is making the difference.

I would have to spend 15k more to get an e92 where I could spend that 15k on mods for the e46. I could easily get stock e92 power out of the e46 (even without a BW exhaust) as well. Although I could bust the 400 barrier NA with the V8.

Decisions decisions. At one moment I think I've made up my mind then the next I haven't.
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